Plan a Holiday Getaway Now

Have you planned a holiday getaway this year? If not, what are you waiting for? Spice up your holiday
celebration with a trip to the beach and a stay at Sandpiper Cove in Destin.
All of Destin will be decorated with lights and other exciting decorations to get you into the spirit. The
beach is a great place to visit any time of year, so why not get a reservation now. Even Santa travels to
the beach where the white sand looks like snow. We just have better temperatures than the North Pole.
You won’t go wrong with Sandpiper Cove because it’s convenient to everything Destin has to offer.
There are numerous restaurants, offering any type food you could want. Shopping venues are located
up and down Highway 98, and entertainment abounds.
When you get tired, you can hang out in your room or relax on the private beach, which is just outside
your door. You probably won’t be in your room for long because there’s so much to do. It may even be
warm enough to swim in the pool.
Sandpiper Cove is the perfect place for a holiday getaway, so don’t delay. You don’t have to wait for
summer vacation to enjoy the beach, especially when the holiday season is spectacular in Destin.